Rehabilitation therapy services are designed to get your body to peak performance. Rehabilitation treatment provides a controlled, therapeutic environment to help your body heal as you restore function, range of motion, stability, mobility and relearn lost abilities, or find new ways to conduct things that are now difficult.

Our rehabilitation therapy alleviates conditions such as:

  • Injuries and trauma
  • Work related injury
  • Developmental disabilities
  • Chronic pain, including back and neck pain
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Headache
  • Sprain and strain
  • Sport injury
  • Muscle spasm
  • Sciatica pain
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What happens during a rehabilitation program?

When you are undergoing rehabilitation, you will be assisted by a team of various healthcare providers. They will collaborate with you to identify your needs, goals, and therapeutic method. Treatments that may be included both active and passive exercises include:

  • Therapies such as EMS, shockwave, 4k laser, ultrasound, EMS, KDT, IST,…
  • Physical treatments to improve your stamina, and fitness
  • Cognitive rehabilitation therapy can help you recover or enhance abilities like thinking and decision making
  • Nutrition advice

Benefits of our rehab programs:

  • Improved physical health
  • Achieve mental wellness
  • Know how to set healthy boundaries 

What you should do after a rehab program?

  • Continue to attend treatment sessions
  • Work with a therapist and have weekly counseling sessions
  • Attend group therapy
  • Cut out unhealthy habits
  • Create a new routine

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