We are the chosen Physios for many patients and athletes from the Cheltenham, Moorabbin, Mentone, Highett, Hampton, Black Rock, Beaumaris and Heatherton suburbs because WE GET RESULTS for our patients. Using a science based approach to patient assessment, treatment and rehabilitation we aim to help decrease your pain and get you better as quickly as possible.

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Our Physiotherapists treat conditions such as:

  • Low back pain and lumbar disc pain.

  • Sports Injuries such as:

    • ACL reconstruction + other knee injuries

    • Ankle sprains

    • Muscle strains

  • Hip pain and impingement

  • Post-operative rehabilitation.

  • Tendon injuries such as Achilles and Patellar tendinopathy.

  • Adolescent and children’s injuries.

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What to expect from Physiotherapy at the Injury Rehab Centre

Assessment techniques not seen anywhere else in the world! We know because WE CREATED THEM:

  • Our own MAT (Movement Assessment Tool):, a unique assessment technology designed by us at the Injury Rehab Centre to laser target deficiencies and discrepancies in flexibility, balance and movement efficiency that can contribute to your pain.

  • STRENGTH TESTING including the use of the latest assessment technology AxIT that we created and designed to identify weaknesses or imbalances you have that are stopping you from achieving your goals.

  • SLOW MOTION VIDEO ANALYSIS: used to assess bad habits in movement such as those seen in running technique, golf swing mechanics, and complicated lifting movements that could have caused or be stopping you from recovering from your injury.

  • RUNSCRIBE: advanced sensor technology to determine the small movement problems that may be contributing to your condition.

  • Traditional Physiotherapy examinations to identify dysfunction.

 Pain and Injury treatment:

Physiotherapy treatment methods may include soft tissue massage, muscle energy techniques, joint manipulation, Dry Needling, Kinesio Taping, True Stretch system and many more that will be individually tailored to you to help improve your condition. We don’t do the same thing on every patient like many others.


Research shows that 98% of patients will not perform their rehab and home exercise program correctly, often resulting in difficulty achieving goals of decreasing pain and reducing injury. We recognise this and our Physios have created a WORLD-CLASS rehabilitation gym to allow us to run both individual and group rehabilitation classes to help you achieve your goals and get you back to what you need, want and love to do.

Performance testing and injury prevention:

We are at the forefront of performance testing and injury prevention in the world, a topic which our Physiotherapists’ have been invited to speak at several conferences about and teach around Australia and the world. Our testing technologies have previously been confined to University biomechanics labs and elite sporting environments, now we bring them to you.

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